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Travel insurance is a type of insurance that covers the costs and losses associated with traveling. It is a useful protection for those traveling domestically or abroad. Frequently sold as a package, travel insurance may include several types of coverage. However, Pluto Tours offers you this additional coverage at a very minimal cost and we don’t bind you to buy travel insurance along with the package.

It is never expected that things can go wrong when we travel but do we make sure that our trip is protected once we are on board? Travel insurance is something that helps us make sure that our travel and journey is fully protected and if any miss happening occurs we are already prepared for it. Travel insurance is something that provides us a peace of mind during our journey.

Despite diligent planning there are numerous factors which can ruin your trip.

When it comes to family, everything needs to be perfect and travel insurance shouldn’t be any exception.

Health insurance is a type of insurance coverage that pays for medical and surgical expenses incurred by the insured. Health insurance can reimburse the insured for expenses incurred from illness or injury, or pay the care provider directly. It is often included in employer benefit packages as a means of enticing quality employees.Travel insurance also covers medical evacuation, which means that travelers do not have to pay medical emergency transportation expenses with their own money.

Baggage and Personal Effects Coverage

Baggage and personal effects coverage protects lost, stolen, or damaged belongings during a trip. It may include coverage during travel to and from a destination.  Most carriers, such as airlines, reimburse travelers if baggage is lost or destroyed because of their error.  However, there may be limitations on the amount of reimbursement.  Therefore, baggage and personal effects coverage provides an additional layer of protection.

Pluto Tours offers a variety of travel insurance policies for you and your family.



Most travelers spend a lot of time and effort planning the perfect vacations, but they often overlook the importance of getting a good travel insurance policy. Travelers are more vulnerable to illnesses and accidents when they are traveling in a strange land, and there is no sure way to prevent unfortunate incidents from taking place.

  • Health cover for medical expenses: The coverage of medical travel insurance focus on the medical expenses incurred in case of sudden illness or injuries during your trip. Travel health insurance provides both pre and post hospitalization expenses.Get cashless hospitalization cover for emergencies & compassionate visit.
  • Natural Disaster: In case of any natural disaster you will be covered by travel insurance plan. For example: In case of landslides, road blockage flooding or cloud burst you’ll be covered by the travel insurance plan.
  • Lost baggage: Baggage and personal effects coverage protects lost, stolen, or damaged belongings during a trip. It may include coverage during travel to and from a destination.
  • Loss of Ticket – Rail/Air
  • Dental Treatment
  • Emergency cash
  • Hospital daily allowance

Silver travel insurance

  • Package cost only Rs.1000/- per person. Security Rs. Nil/-
  • Coverage up to Rs. 30000/- per person.
  • Health cover for medical expenses: Up to Rs 8000/-
  • Natural disaster or any misfortune:  Up to Rs. 10000/-
  • Lost baggage                                :   Up to Rs. 10000/-
  • Loss of ticket (Air/Rail)                   : Up to Rs. 10000/-
  • Dental treatment                            :Up to Rs. 2000/-
  • Daily hospital allowance: Up to Rs. 250/-
  • Emergency cash                            : Up to Rs. 500/-

Gold travel insurance

  • Rs.2000 per person.
  • Coverage up to Rs.75000/- per person.
  • Health cover for medical expenses:  Up to Rs 15000/-
  • Natural disaster or any misfortune :  Up to Rs. 15000/-
  • Lost baggage                                 :  Up to Rs. 12000/-
  • Loss of ticket(Air/Rail)                    : Up to Rs. 15000/-
  • Dental treatment                             :Up to Rs. 4000/-
  • Daily hospital allowance                 : Up to Rs. 400/-
  • Emergency cash                             : Up to Rs. 1000/-

Platinum travel insurance

  • Rs.4000/-
  • Coverage up to Rs.75000/- per person.
  • Health cover for medical expenses: Up to Rs 20000/-
  • Natural disaster or any misfortune  :  Up to Rs. 20000/-
  • Lost baggage                                 :  Up to Rs. 15000/-
  • Loss of ticket(Air/Rail)                    : Up to Rs. 20000/-
  • Dental treatment                             :Up to Rs. 5000/-
  • Daily hospital allowance                 : Up to Rs. 600/-
  • Emergency cash                             : Up to Rs. 2000/-

Combined travel insurance

  • With combined travel insurance you can receive more 20% discount on the total amount. For example if you buy combinedsilverplan for six pax the total amount would be Rs. 6000, however you can receive up to 20% on the total amount. With 20% discount it would be Rs. 4800/- for six pax.
  • Only Platinum plan provides insurance cover for senior citizens. ie between 70 to 80 years.
  • Travel insurance can be purchased individually for each person.
  • At the time of purchase of your insurance policy, you will need to make an advance payment to book your travel insurance and your travel plan will be confirmed.
  • Once you make the payment in our provided account details, your travel insurance will be confirmed. Here I am providing you with account details.

Terms and conditions:

I hereby declare that that I agree to the terms and conditions of Pluto World Tours Pvt. Ltd. The health and medical cover provides security for any health or medical emergency that arises in between the trip. Any preexisting disease is not covered under the travel insurance. Under the lost baggage circumstances an expected reimbursement will be paid for it. Any other items such as jewelry, cell phone, watch, laptop and camera etc is not covered under travel insurance. Any fraud using travel insurance is illegitimate and legal action will be taken against it.

Kindly Deposit the payment  in our  company’s account   to confirm your insurance package. 

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Paytm Also Accepted


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